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Subdivision Survey

Surveyors Real Property Report (mortgage surveys)

Subdivision surveys are done when the owner decides they want to split a parcel of the land into different parcels. The governing jurisdiction determines the level of detail required for the survey. When a lot is split into the newly formed lots, it is imperative that both meet zoning and setback requirements. The new lots have to meet the minimum requirements for the area the property is located on.

A Surveyor’s Real Property Report is a legal documentation that states the location of all visible public and private improvements relative to the property’s boundaries, as well as the geographic relationship of the property to the neighbouring properties, the property dimensions and the location of the property.


Purchasers of real property should consider the benefits of acquiring an up-to-date Surveyor’s Real Property Report.

Engineering Surveys

Detailed engineering surveys done by Daigle Surveys Ltd help land developers determine what will be required for construction projects, pipelines, topographic mapping, drainage and hydrographic requirements, and GPS mapping. Our surveys provide an accurate analysis of sites prior to construction and, as the project develops, can be used to monitor the development after the job is done.

Property Investigation

A property investigation survey is a specialized map of a parcel of land, created by thoroughly examining and measuring the property. Daigle Surveys Ltd will determine boundary locations, building locations, physical features and other important items.

Topographic Surveys

Woodlot Surveys

Topographic surveys involve identifying man-made physical and natural features such as buildings, fences, parking, driveways as well as the contours of the land. This type of survey is important development requiring architectural or engineering work.

Woodlot surveys are often needed to confirm the acreage, to locate and confirm the boundary lines or a corner. A woodlot survey from Daigle Surveys Ltd will increase the value of your property and will insure the location of the boundary lines. A woodlot survey is very helpful when a property is being purchased or sold.

Aquaculture Surveys

Aquaculture Surveying is when we survey bodies of water that the Government of NB leases to the local fishermen so they can place their cages on a lot in the water to grow their shellfish, such as, mussels, oysters and clams. Aquaculture surveying gives each fisherman a body of water to call their own and to maintain. These surveys are completed by boat or on the ice during the winter months.

Land Surveying GPS

Land Surveying with a GPS will determine the coordinates and measurements of the distance desired by using the radio signals’ traveling time. The system will use the time the signal took to reach the GPS multiplied by the speed of light to get the traveling time accurately. This all being done will give us the exact distance to the satellite.

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